There is a reason more and more businesses are adding corporate wellness programs to their list of benefits. Wellness services such as weight loss programs, nutritional counseling, yoga classes, and even services from wellness spas can actually help your business save money in the long run. That’s because all of these services are designed to make people healthier and happier, and when your employees are healthier and happier you’ll end up saving money thanks to fewer sick days, fewer workman’s compensation claims, and an increase in productivity.

Our Orange County wellness spa offers mobile services that come directly to your business. We can arrange monthly wellness visits where employees can experience manicures, skin care, nutritional counseling, yoga, and more when our team. We are also available for one-time events if you want to celebrate a major milestone with your team or give them a special bonus during the holiday season. Your team will love being able to pick and choose the wellness services that they need in order to look and feel their very best. You’ll love how our services boost morale, motivated employees, and drive down your costs while increasing your productivity.

Check out all of our wellness spas corporate packages today. If you don’t see the package you need, just give us a call at 310-809-9292 or contact us through our website. We’ll help you customize a spa plan for your team that they will love. We’ll work with your budget to give you the biggest benefit per dollar. Don’t forget that we offer gift certificates, too, which can make a great gift to your team so they can come back to us for the services they love!