If you are searching for a way to get in shape, have fun, and develop life skills that can transfer to your daily activities, yoga may be for you. While you are often stuck with making the decision to do yoga at home or in a class across town, INspaLA offers the best of both worlds with our mobile health and wellness services. Learn why you should add yoga to your life and your next INspaLA visit.

Flexibility – This is one of the most common reasons that people start coming in to do yoga. It is also one of the most obvious benefits. Yoga stretches the body in ways that people don’t typically stretch in their daily lives. This variation allows them to diversify and enhance their limberness.

Strength – Strengthening your muscles is about more than aesthetics. Muscle building helps prevent arthritis and back pain, as well as preventing accidents. While yoga does build strength on its own, in combination with other exercises it can help build flexibility with the strength training, as many other exercises reduce flexibility.

Focus – Doing yoga is a great way to work on staying in the present. Once you let your mind wander, it becomes difficult to do many of the poses. This realization is invaluable to other aspects of your life, as it is easy to become distracted and unfocused. Often times It is stated that regular yoga sessions improve coordination, memory, and reaction times. Yoga can simply improve your life through focus training.

If you feel that you would benefit from added flexibility, strength, and focus in your life, contact INspaLA today to add a yoga session to your next group meeting, party, or individual INspaLA visit.